5 Steps To Marketing Your Private Practice Like A Kardashian

Today we are going to give of our best tips to market your private practice like a Kardashian. 

One thing most therapists agree on is that marketing your private practice is intimidating!

It feels like you are yelling from behind a computer for someone to pick you. That’s why we’re going to give you some ideas on where to start when you are ready to market your private practice.

You have ended up on this blog because the pressure to market is starting to get to you, nagging at you like that chore you have been putting off for months now.

I’m going to give you a couple of examples of productive ways to market that don’t feel anywhere as intimidating as you might have thought this process was going to be.

Let’s make sure we understand why marketing your private practice is so important first. 

Marketing is where you connect with your potential clients. This is where they will learn who you are and what healing you can offer them. We found this blog really helpful to explain marketing more in-depth. 

Marketing Private Practice

Now that we know why it’s so important, let’s start with some simple steps to get your business name out there. The biggest key to marketing is only taking on what you can handle. 

There are only so many hours in a day, and you can’t spend all marketing.

So limit yourself to market only the things that make sense for your private practice.

Think about who is going to be seeing these things and if that is who you are trying to reach. I’ll elaborate more on this as we go through the steps.

Finding Your Niche In Private Practice

1. Pick Out Your Niche For Marketing Your Private Practice – 

If you have watched some of our other videos you have probably noticed this topic keeps getting brought up.

That is because it is so important.

Here is a link to that blog on how to find your niche if you need to do that. 

Remember as we go through the steps listed below you are trying to reach the people who would fall under your combo niches.


2. Find Your Clients – 

No, I don’t mean find your targeted clients and follow them around, I mean to find out places they frequent and what social media platforms they use most often.

For example, if I am trying to reach young troubled teens with my niches, I would want to use TikTok as my main social media platform, not Facebook, which they find outdated.

Also, think about where a lot of teens hang out in your town, is there a youth center they have for gathering?

3. Target Marketing For Your Private Practice

This is going to mean you should only focus on the areas in step two.

Honing in your marketing to just the platforms and places the market you are trying to reach frequently, is going to save you time and make sure you are only reaching the potential clients you want to be reaching.

The best example of this I can give you is back to our troubled teen audience. We said try to find a youth center. Go down to that center, make friends with the leaders there.

This will help give you a steady stream of potential clients, once those leaders start to trust you, they will more than likely start referring clients to you.

Referrals are going to be your best source for getting clients. The more ways you can have referrals coming in the faster your business will grow.


4. Offer Help – 

Try to find ways to reach others with your healing through workshops.

Back to the youth center example. You could offer to do a workshop for troubled teens and offer small bits of healing that way for the youth. This will really gain your trust with the center as a whole.

Remember trust is the first step in building strong lasting relationships.

5. Use Free Trials

This means for Psychology Today, as well as GoodTherapy and other sites that offer potential clients quick access to find you.

It’s very important that you are using your chosen keywords on these sites. If you haven’t picked 10 keywords to go with each of your combo niches we linked right here.

Give that a read and choose your keywords so you can insert them in all of your content on these platforms.

These sites may not bring you a thousand clients a month but even if you are getting one client a month think about how much you earn off that one client. After a couple of sessions with that client, you have paid for the membership in full for the entire year.

With these 5 steps, you should see your business start to grow.

This is a slow-building process so don’t expect to see things change overnight but with you focused only on your prospective clients you should be seeing the type of clients you want to be seeing reach out to you.

Leave us comments on how much this video helped you learn how to market your private practice.

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