Finally, A Cancellation Policy You Will Enforce In Private Practice

Today we are giving you a cancellation policy for your private practice that you believe in so you can enforce it.

Having a cancellation policy and enforcing it are two very different things. Most therapists have a cancelation policy, but do you actually follow it?

Probably not.

But I’m here to help you change that!

If you’re like many and are failing to enforce your cancelation policy in private practice, this should be telling you something.

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It likely means you’re not comfortable with your current policy.

The key thing to keep in mind here is that you have to use a policy that you feel comfortable with, and maintain healthy boundaries, so you feel like you can enforce it.

Every cancellation policy in private practice is going to still have you use your best judgment on a case by case scenario. 

If a client is consistently missing, you need to enforce your policy.

They are probably missing because of an issue they don’t want to deal with or they aren’t totally sold on the idea of therapy. You aren’t helping your clients by allowing them to miss several appointments without them being held accountable.

This is where you want to set healthy boundaries for you and your client. 

Now if their child comes up sick or some emergency occurs, it’s okay to not enforce the policy.

That is why this cancelation policy we are about to give you is foolproof. It is solely based on constantly missing therapy.

So instead of charging them a fee for missing, and just failing to charge this fee, make a policy. 

If they have multiple cancelations, then they will be let go from the practice. That’s right, you will relieve them from being a client of yours.

You’re breaking up with them.

This opens up a spot for a client who is taking therapy seriously. If they actually want to fix the issue they’re dealing with, then this policy will wake them up to see that they have to change their behavior, or they will lose the ability to fix it.

I did you all another huge favor and I have written up this new cancelation policy for you.

I have it linked to you in a PDF here. All you have to do is copy and paste it and BOOM… your new policy is in effect.

Leave us comments on how much this video helped you create a cancellation policy you will enforce.

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