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Getting in control of your web presence (and staying on top of it) just got a whole lot easier.

Together, we’re going to nail your therapist website and your brand so that you can attract more of the right clients and devote your attention to running a thriving private practice.

At Mindful Web Solutions, we only build beautiful, custom websites for mental health professionals. This allows us to know your industry and what your clients are looking for, then translate that into a therapist website you’ll be proud of.

“Cathryn was empathetic, listening, and responsive. She made time to understand what I want, my style, and my vision. I’m so proud of my website and really looking forward to have my prospective clients access it.”
-Kartika Refi, Owner, Our Lady of Good Counsel

monique beckford“They took me through the process with patience and understanding to create a phenomenal website that I’m proud to call my own. Any questions that I had, any changes that I needed, they were answered professionally and quickly.”
-Monique Beckford, LCSW, A Place Where Hope Lives

Does this sound familiar?


You’ve got a therapist website (which may be out of date or does not spark joy) so you continue to ignore it. Out of sight, out of mind!


Your marketing plan so far is just posting on social media, but you’re not as consistent as you should be, and you struggle to generate new clients online for your private practice.


Building and maintaining a therapist website is the last thing you want to be doing in your business. Code? No thanks. Design? Not your forté.


You've tried other therapist website hosting companies, but have been less than impressed with their design and customer service.

We hear these things all the time, and we believe there’s a better way.

Most mental health private practice owners tackle business the hard way. They embrace the “if you build it, they will come” mentality, and unfortunately, that doesn’t work. Referrals are great, too, but they’re inconsistent and you can’t rely on them for your source of income.

With more and more therapists, counselors, and psychologists operating solely online these days, to stay competitive, you must show up for yourself online in a big way. The first step is creating a website that communicates who YOU are, and the healing you can provide to your clients.

Mindful Web Solutions makes it easy.

We build beautiful, professional websites – none of those templated one-size-fits-all platforms – and we maintain them over time so that you never have to lift a finger or worry about any “tech stuff.”

Imagine your business with a successful online web presence…


A powerful brand presence that establishes YOU as an expert in your field, no matter your years of experience or practice size.


Zero website maintenance overwhelm or obligation. We handle it for you so that you can focus on growing your business.


No costly surprises or need to redesign or re-invest in constant website upgrades. Your website presence grows as you grow.

Whether you’re a startup solo private practice or steadily building a group practice, we know the exact steps needed to help you ace your marketing, show up online, and be the boss expert you are for all the world to see!

Here’s what you’ll get when you build your website with Mindful Web Solutions:

professional copywriting

Successful therapy depends on a good client/therapist fit. Let us convey who you are as a professional through keyword-rich, custom copywriting that targets your ideal client.

beautiful design

No templates used here! Our professional graphic design team will create your site from scratch just for you, to match your vision and complement who you are as a therapist.

best client support

No need to lift a finger! We’re at your service, on a first name basis. You’ll get ongoing website maintenance, support, and updates from our team. Our client support team is second to none!

free traffic

We optimize each site with on-page SEO (search engine optimization). This allows you to get free traffic from clients searching for your services.

free community

Access to our free, exclusive, private Facebook group. Be part of a growing community of private practice owners and learn from the pros.

free email insights

Get exclusive content including freebies, resources, and tips and tricks delivered to your inbox weekly, from our team of mental health marketing experts.

“They utilize human behavior and psychology as a framework for website design. It perfectly balanced my professional identity. It represented who I was. I was very satisfied with the investment I made. They’ll understand your career goals and you’ll be satisfied too.”
-Jennifer Hayes, LMFT, Owner

“The intake process was very thorough and identified what needs I have, and also what look I was going for. The things I did express to them they were able to translate beautifully, and the website came out amazing. Mindful Web Solutions… the investment I made with them was worth every penny.”
-Kelly Michaud, The Resilience Group

Ready to start building your own custom website?

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