The Best Way to Handle Credibility Questions for Therapists

Today we cover the best way for you to handle credibility questions for therapists when they come up in private practice.

Being young in any field holds its challenges, the generations before you tend to discredit you on your age alone. It’s beyond frustrating for you to deal with, and it’s a tricky road to navigate down. 

I’m not saying that every time you have a client who is a good bit older than you that this happens. But I have been noticing this topic come up time and time again from therapists who are just getting their footing in the field.

Your workplace may have policies in effect where they do not wish for you to disclose any personal information about yourself, so make sure that you are following the guidelines given by your bosses here.

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Also, remind yourself not to take anything too personal when it comes to why a client may be wondering your age. It could be from a range of things like they might honestly just be impressed with how much you have accomplished by your current age.

So keep a very open mind here and don’t be quick to assume anything. 

When the situation does arise where the client thinks that your age is affecting your ability to help them with their healing try to remind them that you will not know about their personal experience with that subject, but you can try your best to understand it. 

Wording things like this shows them that you aren’t saying that you have personal experience but you are going to have an open mind to help them cope with their experience. 

This response offers honesty and shows that you are committed to understanding them, even if you can not personally relate. This can sometimes also delight the client with the idea that you want to understand their experience. 

When it comes to more personal questions in your life it is best to state that you are not comfortable with disclosing information regarding that in fear of you appearing biased to one side or another.

This works really well when it comes to the family side of your life. 

We love this article that breaks down strong boundaries. 

You need to rely on your own personal judgment when it comes to answering any personal questions. If you are not feeling comfortable with responding to any of these questions then just tell them the statement above.

Leave us some comments on these tips to help you navigate the next time a client questions you on your age or any other personal issues you may not feel comfortable disclosing.

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