The Quickest Way To Find A Peer Counselor In Private Practice

Today we are going to give our best tips to help you find a peer counselor for your private practice.

Therapists need support too.

You handle clients’ difficult problems daily and it’s healthy to have a safe space to receive healing and professional advice when needed.

We highly recommend that every person in private practice have some sort of peer counselor or group for professional development and help.

Groups like these are positive for your growth as a therapist, but can also help prevent burn out.

This will give you the reassuring feeling that you are not working alone and can help you with any tough clients you may be struggling with.

You may also get new perspectives on therapy processes you may have forgotten about.

  • How do you find one of these fabulous groups?
  • Are you fearful that you aren’t going to connect with the other therapists?
  • Are you going to feel safe with this group?
  • If you are having an ethical problem, will this group be able to help you?
Peer Counselor In Private Practice

Start looking for a group by searching your networks. 

This is any therapist you may already know in the area. They may already know of a group that exists in your area or be interested in joining one as well.

Then proceed to meet other therapists in private practice.

Try Meetup, Facebook groups, or just look for some in your area. Don’t be afraid to reach out and see if any are aware of, or are also wanting to find a group. This is probably going to be just you Google searching in your area and cold emailing them.

Above all, don’t be hurt by rejection here, not everyone is going to be on board, but never know what you are going to find until you try.

If you live in a rural area or just aren’t clicking with any of your local therapists, you can try virtual consultation groups.

Try to stick to your state due to guideline restrictions if at all possible.

Peer Counselor In Private Practice

Create your own group of peer counselors in private practice,

if you’ve found several people throughout your networking who have shown interest in a group, reach out to them.

Make sure that it is a group of people who you would feel comfortable talking about these tough topics with.

To begin with, you can start with just you and one other therapist.

Make sure you all find a confidential space and go over what you both are expecting from these group meetings. This will give you guys the groundwork for what you all are bringing to the table as a group.

Then you all can add other members in at your own pace.

Also, make changes as needed. You aren’t going to get everything right the first time and as you all add more people in you may want to change certain things.

Discuss everything you might be feeling in private practice, this is your space to let it out and seek other professionals help.

Don’t forget if need help with any other issues in therapy check out the rest of our blog here or our youtube channel here. 

Leave us comments on how much this blog helped you find a peer consultation group and all the reasons you are loving it.

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