Creating a Brand in Private Practice That Stands Out From Competition

Today we are going to show you how to have a perfect brand in private practice and why it is so important for your success.

Choosing your brand is like choosing the face of your company. You want it to be something that represents you as a whole and resonates with your prospective clients.

That is a lot of pressure for something you never even learned about in school.

Branding can significantly raise the number of referrals you receive, which we all know is the best way to gain a new client.

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Therapists oftentimes feel lost or confused by the concept of creating a brand, and they tend to miss the mark as a whole because of this.

Creating your logo is a huge part of your brand in private practice but there is much more to it than just that.

When starting a brand for your private practice you need to start with your client avatar.

We have already made you a blog for that, linked here for you. Lucky you, we even have a PDF for you to use when creating your avatar.

Your client avatar is basically your ideal client. You need to think about the interests, core desires, and habits of this avatar.

Your brand should be something that will speak and attract this type of client. Using these pieces of information will be a base for creating your brand.

We see a lot of therapists make the mistake of basing their brand on things that they like, and though it should be a reflection of yourself, it should not be based on your interests.

Think about this… If your ideal client is veterans who suffer from PTSD, making your brand based around lotus flowers and soft pinks and purples will probably not be something that would attract this type of client.

The next pro tip for making your brand in private practice is to show your potential clients the transformation in their lives that your healing will be able to offer them.

Showing your credentials is nice, but leading with that when trying to attract clients is a surefire way to lose your prospects’ attention.

It’s safe to assume that you have a degree if you’re a therapist, so instead of leading with that, remember, your prospects are much more interested in what healing services you provide, and what makes you unique.

You should have your credentials mentioned in your about me section on your website, but don’t over push the fact that you are a doctor.

Like I said before, logos are important. They’re clearly going to be plastered all over everything with your name on it, but what is even more important is consistency.

You should be using the same fonts, and color schemes for everything you are posting for your private practice.

Nothing marks you faster as someone who doesn’t know what you are doing then having mixed font and schemes all over your content.

Consistency is key to presenting your brand to the public. Your brand should also have its own tone. If you’re a casual person then keep your content the same way.

We use Canva to keep our brand consistent all across the board. We highly recommend you do the same. 

This is probably the most common mistake we see from therapists for their brand in private practice.

Looking at how others in the field are branding themselves then using it. Do me a favor, go look at 20 therapists websites in your area, I am willing to bet you that over half of them have stacking rocks or lotus flowers or use light pastel colors.

Though those things are pretty and pleasant when everyone else uses them, it makes you blend in with the crowd. Your brand goal is to make you stand out against others!

Pick something unique to you to target your potential clients.

Take some time and really give some thought as to what you are trying to say with your brand and who you are trying to reach.

Leave us some comments with your thoughts on creating a brand for private practice and why it’s so important to you.

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